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Inner CBD

  • 193. Easy Turnover Small Sushi

  • 193. Easy Turnover Small Sushi
    Easy Turnover Small Sushi Restaurant
    The shop is about 3km from Brisbane CBD. It is close to residential area, variety shops, cafe, and bar. It has a great potential to sell multi-cultural food in the shop, because there is not much competition. It also has market demand for catering and takeaway. The current owner has only open 6 day lunch and 2 dinners. The currently average weekly sales is...
  • Sold
  • $100,000 Walk-in Walk-out 247 Visits
  • 54. Fish & chips and Seafood Takeaway

  • 54. Fish & chips and Seafood Takeaway
    Exclusive Fresh Seafood and Takeaway
    The business is closed to CBD, only about 7mins and 3km for traveling. It is written in the tourist book as it is a famous place to go in Brisbane. Mainly 40% are regular and 60% are outsider customers. The business is long history and the current owner has changed a new face for a better business environment and growing profits. The average of weekly sales...
  • Sold
  • $135,000 Negotiable 572 Visits
  • 123. 5 days Inner CBD Takeaway

  • 123. 5 days Inner CBD Takeaway
    5 days Brisbane Inner CBD Takeaway
    This business is located in an area with a mix of office buildings, commercial buildings and residential apartments. It has been a takeaway for more than ten years and has built up a stable number of regular customers, mainly lawyers or accountants. This business also sells simple meals, such as breakfast, sandwiches and burgers for 5 days from 6am to 3.30pm....
  • Keen Seller
  • $100,000 WIWO 495 Visits
  • 160. Good Location CBD Kebab

  • 160. Good Location CBD Kebab
    Good Location CBD Kebab
    The business is in a great location of Brisbane City with high amount of people traffic. The business capacity could be 40 to 60 seats and the monthly rent is $16,700 including GST. The average weekly sales are about $18,000 and the weekly net profit is about $3000 to $4000. The business is suitable for a family to run and also for any other type of food to be re-located...
  • High Profit
  • $375,000 Plus Stock 383 Visits


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